Swag Bag- Adding DMOC to Swag Bag

How to Add DOMC codes to Swag Bag in OV


Adding DMOC to OV 

DMOC codes are language and track specific (if the conference is multilingual).  

When adding, ensure you select the correct track and language (if there is more than one track).  

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Title: Digital Microsoft Official Curriculum (DMOC) COURSE-CODE Language 

Company: Skill Pipe 

Company Web Site: <leave blank> 

Description: Paste the description below the screenshot. 

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Add the following description to the DMOC swag item. 

How to redeem your digital courseware (DMOC):  

  1. Navigate to https://www.skillpipe.com   
  1. If you are new to Skillpipe, please register and create an account  
  1. Redeem your digital courseware - To redeem your course, please access the main menu, click on the + Add book button and enter your license code received from Swag Bag  
  1. Video Instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jPxVFPyYLc  



Importing DMOC Codes 

You will need to import information from the spreadsheet provided by the Courseware Provider. Extract the DMOC codes and expiration date and paste them into the Swag Bag Template downloaded form the DMOC page.  

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After the spreadsheet is filled with the DMOC Codes and Expiration date, click Import Codes and browse to the spreadsheet.  

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️ Duplicate Code Warning  

OneVenue has duplicate code detection built in. If you receive a warning that the codes you are importing are duplicate do not proceed.  

To fix this issue you must export the codes from OV, compare these codes with the codes you are trying to export, and remove the duplicates from the new upload. 

  1. Graphical user interface

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   2. Compare codes to determine which codes you are attempting to duplicate, remove those from your new spreadsheet, and upload the new spreadsheet. Do not re-upload the codes you exported in Step 1