Reporting Overview

Learn about reporting & registration features in OneVenue with this quick instructional video!


OneVenue's reporting tools allow you to keep track of conference registrations, attendance, and engagement so you can monitor statistics and gauge the success of your conference.

Let's begin by clicking "Reporting".

The overview section gives you a quick insight into the health of your conference by tracking daily attendance, session registrations, unique attendees, meetings joined, and sponsors visited. It also shows you how many sessions have been created in your conference.

There are graphs for attendance per day, conference registrations, session registrations and meetings joined, and expo hall engagement. We can also use "Filter Date" to specify a certain time frame from the presets in the dropdown or by selecting a custom date. For example, I could look at attendance over the past seven days.

With each of these sections, you can drill down further by clicking the details link on the top right. For instance, Sessions Details gives us a detailed table of every session, the number of registrations, and the number of attendees who joined it. We can sort this data by clicking the column headers, or filter by clicking the filter icon. And of course, all of this data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

We can also manage conference registrations. Let's go back to the main page by clicking Dashboard, then click "Conference Registration Details". On this page we can see everyone who registered for our conference along with details that they entered during the registration process. Since we enabled Registration Approval in the Registration settings, we have Approve and Deny buttons, allowing us to approve or deny each person individually, or alternatively, we could use the checkbox to select several registrants and click either "Approve All Selected" or "Deny All Selected".

You can also use a spreadsheet to import conference registrations by downloading the template, adding your information to the sheet, then uploading it with "Import Registrations". As you can see, OneVenue has added my sample registration to the list. Please note that the platform will mark imported registrations as approved by default, so make sure to check your spreadsheet before importing!

With OneVenue, you can easily track metrics before, during and after your conference and get the data you need in real time.