In this ever-changing age, virtual and hybrid events are becoming the new normal for professional gatherings. Embrace the Now with OneVenue! 

OneVenue is a Teams-based application from Opsgility designed to create, manage, and schedule virtual events that are highly engaging, highly customizable, and highly scalable.

There are several conference types from which to choose based on your needs. Once your conference is created, you can build and configure your event schedule. OneVenue also offers a variety of features, enabling you to fully customize your conference to suit your needs. 

OneVenue enables you to design multi-track, personalized, audience-targeted agendas containing experiences for individuals, both group and conference-wide.

You will be able to configure various registration settings for your attendees to create a custom registration process for your conference. 

With our Gamification feature, OneVenue enables you to keep attendance and trivia scores, providing a fun and competitive environment for your attendees. 

OneVenue provides the ability to configure and display links for your attendees to access as well as offer swag. 

With OneVenue, you can also configure expo halls which enable audience interaction with internal or external sponsors.

Finally, you will able to send out mass communications to your attendees through emails or announcements and also view reports that contain helpful data about your conference such as average attendance.