How To Use Announcements

Learn how to utilize announcements in the OneVenue platform with this quick instructional video!


During a conference, you may have a need to get information in front of your attendees quickly. For instance, you may need to announce a delayed or cancelled session, or remind your attendees to book their exam. Whatever the case, if you need to get information in front of your attendee's eyes, announcements can help!

Let's begin by clicking "Announcements". Here we can see information on our existing announcements in the conference, as well as have the ability to edit or delete them individually.

To create an announcement, click "Create Announcement". In the Message field we can type out the message we'd like our attendees to see. In this case, we'll say that a session had to be modified and we'll need to refresh the attendee's page. 

The start and end times indicate the hours in which the platform will attempt to display the message to your attendees. This allows us to set up reminder announcements in advance that can trigger at certain dates or times in the conference. This could be useful for exam reminders or promoting the vendor hall on the hour it opens. Please note that these start and end times are in the main conference time zone.

We also have the option to refresh the platform for attendees. This is useful for instances where we changed session information- especially join links. Without updating the page, our attendees may not have the right link and may not be able to join the session. By checking this box, we force their browser to update once they acknowledge the message.

And finally, we can choose whether this announcement is currently active or not. If it's not active, it won't be displayed, even if the current time falls between the start and end times. So make sure this box is checked if your announcement is ready to be seen.

We'll click Save and we're done! You can see that after a moment, the announcement pops up for us, and when we click Close it will refresh our page. Once again, this won't happen unless you check the "Refresh for Attendees" box, and for most announcements it's not required.

Your attendees also have access to a list of announcements. If we go to the Conference page and click on the Announcements tab, we can see a list of all present and past announcements that are marked as active. 

Announcements are a great way to get information out quickly and help you communicate effectively with your attendees without them ever leaving the platform.