How To Enable Captions On Live Events

Learn how to enable captions on live events in OneVenue with this quick instructional video!


OneVenue's integration with Teams gives us incredible translation options for our sessions, providing up to seven closed captioning tracks from over 50 languages!

Let's go ahead and click Edit on an existing session. Click on the staff tab, scroll to the bottom and enable captions. We'll need to select the language that will be spoken during this session. I'll use English for this example. This will automatically give us closed captioning in this language. We can now also add up to six additional closed captioning tracks. To do so, simply select the language in the dropdown and click Add. 

Once complete, click Update, then click the big orange "Sync Conference" button to push the changes to the Teams events. And that's all you need to do to enable captions for your live event sessions!