How To Create And Manage Swag Bag Items

Learn how to create and manage swag bag items in the OneVenue platform with this quick instructional video!


Virtual swag is a digital gift bag that you can offer to your attendees, allowing you to give away gift cards, badges, codes for training materials or discounts, or other exclusive offerings or supplementary course materials.

To begin, let's navigate to the Swag Bag page in OneVenue. Here, we can see the swag bag items we have already created. For each of these, we have the option to export the codes, edit the item, or remove it from our swag bag.

To create a new item, click "Add Swag". Here, we can select what track this item is for and create a title for it. The company and company web site fields are for the provider of the item-- so if this was for digital courseware, we would enter in the provider's company name and web address. 

The description field gives us a place to enter a friendly message for our attendees, explaining how to use the code. We can utilize links in this field to make it easier for our attendees to redeem their item.

Click next to continue to the Codes tab. Here we can enter information for our courseware codes. 

With the Single Code type, we could enter in a single code that we can set up to expire after the conference is complete. This could be good for limited-time discount or redemption codes for things like e-books.

With the Unique Codes type, we can upload a range of single-use codes that can be redeemed. This is great for digital courseware or exam vouchers. You can click download template to get a simple Excel spreadsheet to enter your codes in. 

When working with this file, make sure to select your expiration column and set the format to the date category, so the platform can properly interpret the expiration dates. Save and upload this file by clicking Import Codes in OneVenue. The platform will automatically cross-reference your codes against all other codes in your conference and will warn you if there are duplicates. Once complete, click Create to add your new swag!

Virtual swag is a great way to distribute courseware, exam vouchers, or discount codes, and can help drive engagement during and after your event!