How To Create And Manage Speakers

Learn to create, manage and showcase your speakers on OneVenue with this quick informational video!


An integral part of any conference are the speakers who will be hosting the sessions. With OneVenue, you have several tools to help you highlight, showcase, and communicate with your speakers.

Let's begin by clicking on Speakers. This page shows us an overview of the speakers we currently have in our conference. We can see at a glance the information we have for each speaker, including their social media accounts. If we click "Speaker Info", we can see their bio as well as upcoming sessions that they're hosting. We can also easily edit or delete a speaker from this page, or search for a specific speaker.

To create a new speaker, we'll click "Add Speaker". Here we can add our speaker's name, email, job title, and a short bio in the About field. If our speaker has already registered for the conference, we can select them in the attendee dropdown to auto-populate this information. We'll also add a picture by clicking "Add Picture". And finally, we can add social media links over here by simply selecting the type and pasting the profile link in. Once complete, click Save.

One of the benefits of having our speakers added to the platform is being able to add them to sessions. If we head over to the Scheduler and take a look at this Design session, we can see that under the Speakers tab Bennett is listed. We could add another speaker to this session by selecting them in this dropdown and clicking "Add Speaker", or we could delete them by clicking this button to the right.

From the attendees point of view on the Conference page, we can see that our speaker is listed under the session for today, and if I click on them, I get their full bio, social links, and a list of upcoming sessions.

There's also a Speakers page for you attendees that can be enabled in your conference, further allowing you to highlight your speakers! If you'd like to enable or disable this page, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they can assist you.

Heading back to the Admin side, there's one more useful feature available on the speakers page. Once you have created your speakers and added them to the appropriate sessions, you can easily send out calendar invites by clicking the "Send Calendar Invite" button.

This dialog allows us to select the sessions we'd like to send invites for, enter a "From" address (this would be the address you want your speakers to see if they reply to this email), enter a CC email if you'd like a copy, and include a message for both the email itself as well as the iCalendar invite. Once complete, click Proceed and the system will send out invites to any presenters attached to the sessions you've selected.

With OneVenue, you can easily create, manage and showcase your speakers!