How To Create And Manage Resources

Learn how to create and manage resources in the OneVenue platform with this quick instructional video!


Resources in OneVenue are an easy way to give your attendees downloadable items that are relevant to your conference or a specific track, such as course material, user guides, brochures or ebooks. For materials that require redeemable codes, such as gift cards or lab access, please use the Swag Bag feature instead.

To begin, let's navigate to the Resources page in OneVenue. Here, we can see the resources we have already created. For each of these, we have the option to edit the resource, or remove it entirely.

To create a new item, click "Add Resource". Here, we can select whether this resource is a web URL or uploaded file, or an embedded video. Let's select what track this item is for and create a label for it. We can either enter a URL in the link field, or choose to instead upload a file directly from our computer. 

Keep in mind, we also have a visibility field, which allows us to restrict this item to coaches, staff, or both coaches and staff. This could be useful for uploading instructor materials, instructions or troubleshooting documents that you don't want your attendees to see.

Once all fields are complete, click Add to create the resource.

When adding an embedded video, you'll need to get the embed code from your video platform. In this example, I'm using Vimeo, which has a convenient embed button on the top right of the screen. I simply copy this code and paste it into the box in OneVenue.

Resources are an easy way to add value to your conference and help your attendees start off on the right track!