Customization Options

Learn more about OneVenue's customization options with this short instructional video!


OneVenue's customization options allow you to put your brand front and center and better organize and craft the experience for your attendees. 

The Conference page is the first thing your attendees see when they log in and just on this page we can see several things we're able to customize. The hero image gives you a large canvas to showcase your brand logo, sponsorships, or important information, and can be further customized with an additional center image or embedded video. At the bottom of the page, we can upload a custom logo and adjust our support link. On the right we have this upcoming session, but the session type label and the associated color can customized for better organization and color-coordination of your sessions.

These session customization options also affect the optional Sessions page. As you can see, our events are color coordinated and our attendees can search by the audience and session types we define.

So let's take a look at how we can adjust all these options! On the Admin page, we'll click "Customization". This page gives us access to the customization options we just talked about.

Session type labels are custom categories that allow us to sort and color-coordinate our events. You can easily add a new label by clicking "Add Label", entering a title and selecting a color from either the palette on the left, the color picker, or by typing in a hex code. This could be useful if you have a branding guide with color codes. Once complete, click "Create Label" to add it to the list. You can also edit existing labels by clicking on the color block, making your changes, and clicking "Update Label".

Audience and level are both additional ways to categorize sessions. For instance, at the start of the video, you saw me sort sessions by both the Design audience and the "Session" session type label. Adding an audience or level is as easy as clicking the add button and entering a name, and will show up under the Audience tab in the Scheduler when creating or editing your sessions.

On the right, we have options to rename sponsorship tier labels. These are used for your expo hall sponsors and can be named to match the theme of your convention by clicking the edit button on the right, adjusting the name, and clicking Rename.

Moving down, we have settings for our footer-- allowing us to add or remove a conference logo and adjust the support link. And below that we have our Teams Join Link. OneVenue automatically generates a Team for your conference with a general channel as well as channels for each of your tracks. This could be useful as a conference meeting ground, technical help, or lab support. We can enable or disable that link here as well as change the text that shows up in the navigation bar. After clicking Update, you'll need to refresh to see the change.

Finally, we have our hero image options. Here we can select one of the built-in images or upload our own. Under "Upload New" we can click "Add Picture", select it, and click "Upload Picture" if we like the preview. We can also customize a center overlay by clicking "Customize This Section". This can be upcoming activity, an image, or an embedded video. For this example, let's select embedded video, grab the embed link from Vimeo, and paste it into the box. If we update, we can see our changes. This could be a great way to highlight upcoming sessions, keynotes, or sponsors in your conference.

With OneVenue you can customize, organize, and highlight what's important.